Parent Coaching

We utilize on-campus parent coaching as a tool for parents to see possibilities in their daughter’s life that they have not previously seen. A critical part of a girl’s success when she goes home is the changing of her environment. When a student comes to Gateway, all of her patterns are disrupted by the change in environment and by the way staff handles situations like lying and manipulation. When she goes home, if the environment has not changed, it is easy for her to fall back into those old patterns and land herself in similar situations to before she came to Gateway. On departure, there is a 90 day probation period for the student and the parents to work toward her transitioning into the home environment. This increases the chances of her successfully adapting to family life. One of the factors that must change is the way you, as the parents, handle situations with her. We have parent workshops every 4 months to help with that process of learning new ways of parenting your daughter. However, sometimes, extra help is necessary. We have a system of parent coaching, where you come for the weekend and are coached by a staff member in handling certain situations with your daughter. During this weekend, you will see how capable your daughter is at doing the right thing when she should be doing it, managing her time well, and responding respectfully to authority. This is not a process that happens soon after your daughter comes to Gateway, but is something that is an opportunity once she has been here for a time and has had an opportunity to settle into life at Gateway and learn the behaviors mentioned above. Opportunities are also available to have a staff member come to your home and coach you in-house.