“I can’t express my love for you guys. God has given me such a special love for each and every one of you. I can’t thank you enough for all you guys have done for me. There were so many times I have up on myself, yet I got through it. Yes, it was God’s grace, but it was also the people He so lovingly surrounded me with. How many times was I encouraged, loved and pushed by you guys? Honestly, I can’t even count the times. I thank you for those times even when I shrugged it off and tried pushing it away. In the end love won. I just want you to know that your prayers, tears, and laboring for each girl is deeply appreciated. How can we ever repay such a sacrifice as this? All I know is that each staff is looked upon with a smile from Heaven. You all helped me to see such love with how many times you guys loved me right where I was at. Each of you have left a special mark on me and my life. You have helped me push and find the one relationship I will always need – My relationship with God. Now, we come to this day – the day I never thought would work out. What can I say? Thank you all soooo much! I love you all and as I take a piece of Montana with me, I also leave a piece of my heart here. You guys will always have such a special place in my heart as another family. Not only that but my other family. I am going to miss you all sooooo much! Thank you for your tough love and devotion. These two big things have had such a big impression on me. Thank you with all my heart.” With all my love, E – Texas

“I am so grateful that God directed us to Gateway Freedom Ranch for the help we desperately needed for our daughter and our family. Our daughter now has the structure and therapy she needs for success. The horse therapy they provide has been particularly effective for her. She has made great strides in knowing herself, figuring out how to live a productive life, and facing problems in an effective way. We are so appreciative that God is in the center of everything Gateway Freedom Ranch does. Our daughter has grown so much in her faith and dependence on the Lord. As mom and dad, we are receiving lots of help and coaching on how to best parent all our children. Thank you, Lisa, and GFR for giving us hope for a bright future for our daughter and our family!”
A.H. – Washington

“I have known Lisa Marek, Director of Gateway Freedom Ranch for Girls since 2013. She has a huge heart to see girls move forward from hurt, disappointment, rebellion, etc. But she doesn’t stop there…parents, if you are considering placing your girl at Gateway Freedom Ranch, get ready for some personal challenges yourself. Lisa and her team with work with your daughter to help her as much as they can, but they also recognize that healing in your daughter’s heart will require you to dig deep to see where you may be missing some things. I feel my view on this is unique. I have a son, now almost 21 years old, who when he was 16 was rebelling very badly. Long story short, we ended up sending him to a Christian therapeutic boarding school in Montana. (That is where I met Lisa). He improved, is still working through some issues, but I feel we averted a possible disaster in his life. (His very close friend died in an alcohol-related vehicle accident 2 days after high school graduation and our son was not there anymore-we moved away.) So even though we saw some improvement in his life, we also came to recognize that there were some things we needed to work on. Lisa and her team will help you to identify those action items for you as parents, but the work only then begins as you look yourself in the mirror and (sometimes painfully) acknowledge your short-comings. It is difficult, but SO worth it. If you are considering a Christian therapeutic boarding school for your daughter where each girl gets individual, Christ-centered, loving attention, Gateway Freedom Ranch is it. The investment you make in your daughter may not advance your financial portfolio, but it will definitely advance your relationship with your daughter, with your spouse and other family members, and that will pay you heart dividends that have the potential to be paid out over the remainder of your life with your family!”
C.E. – Florida

“It is so easy to allow our pre-conceived notions and past experiences cloud reality. The first time that I visited Gateway Freedom, I expected a stiff, sterile, and sad environment. This is what I had come to believe all group homes would be like after having visiting a childhood friend in a group home many years ago. What I didn’t expect was the love, care and concern in a genuine, Godly, structured fashion and a beautiful, comfortable home. Working with the girls and staff through a partnership with Camp Bighorn, I fell in love. The girls and staff melted my heart and helped me to see a different, beautiful, side of helping girls to learn and grow who need extra help and direction. No, I don’t imagine that is perfect 100% of the time, and that there is a fairy tale setting, (after all, it is a home full of teenage girls and no one but God is perfect) but I do see the genuine love and ability to progress in this setting and I am honored to have had the opportunity to walk alongside them and hope to continue this bond into the future. Thank you Gateway Freedom and much love to you all.”
L.S. – Montana

“Sending our daughter their was a big decision and it turned out to be the best experience for us and our daughter. She learned a lot about herself and received a lot of healing from her issues. The program is really thought out and set up well to benefit the girls and parents. I would highly recommend it.”
M.S. – California

“Gateway Freedom Ranch for girls has been such a God sent blessing to our entire family!! Our daughter has made such huge strides in dealing with the horrible issues of her early years. The thing I love the most about Gateway is that everything is bathed in prayer and I can see that God is working there!!!”
D.M. – Minnesota

“Lisa Marek and her staff at Gateway Freedom Ranch are entirely dedicated to helping the girls make positive changes in their lives. The communication and life skills they learn create a healthy foundation to move forward with success. Lisa also has extensive training in the equine therapy the Ranch offers to the girls. Positive Christian atmosphere in a beautiful, peaceful setting.”

“If you’re completely stuck with your daughter and your family is in crisis mode, call Lisa and her staff at Gateway Freedom Ranch. This is truly a life-changing program, for her and for everyone in your family. The tools we learned in the workshops will serve all of us throughout our lives, in all relationships. We learned about roles, family systems, boundaries, developmental stages, trauma, and much more. We were connected with other families and saw how we were not alone in our struggles. Say goodbye to shame, unhealthy patterns, and despair… through hard work, the grace of God, and the experience of Lisa and her entire staff, you will find hope again. We would be happy to share our story with you, if you call and ask for references. Momma: you are not alone, and Gateway could be the start of a wholeness to your relationship with your daughter that you may think is out of reach right now. You will be respected and honored as a parent at Gateway, and given the opportunity to work on your ‘stuff’ as well.”

“As a parent involved in the program I can say that Lisa and her staff care deeply for the girls and their families and are passionate about their success. They not only work with the girls to change the behaviors and how they see themselves but they also work with the families to help them heal and to build a home environment where the girls will thrive when they return home. They set the bar high for the girls but also do a lot of fun activities and make it a good experience for them. Their equine therapy is top notch and has the added benefit of saving wild mustangs that otherwise might have been destroyed. The staff are awesome and transparent and truly operate as a team with a consistent message and mission. They encourage families to connect and support each other through the process. If you have a daughter who is out of control or heading in a bad direction give Lisa a call. She’ll put you in touch with people who have been through the program and you can hear firsthand how their lives have been changed.”
Joe S. – Oregon

“I think Gateway Freedom Ranch is a great school! Making the decision to send our daughter to Gateway Freedom Ranch was the hardest decision my husband and I have ever had to make, but it was so worth it. She learned so much about herself while attending GFR. She came home a different girl for the better. We are forever grateful for the staff at Gateway Freedom Ranch.”
M.B. – California

“I cannot say enough regarding my love and gratitude towards Lisa Marek and the staff of Gateway Freedom Ranch. God is good! Our daughter, Isabella, has been home for over two months now and I am so proud of the positive changes within herself she made at the ranch. She has blossomed into the girl I always knew she could be. She is 14 and there are a lot of behaviors we need to decipher on what is normal for a teen girl. As expected, she is testing her boundaries but rebounds quickly if it gets out of hand.

The honoring of Jesus Christ and the reinforcement that Our Lord loves our girls because they were wonderfully made out of HIS love for them is shown them every day at GFR. Daily devotions, youth group, field trips, positive reinforcement, parent workshops, church and teachings from God’s word keeps the Holy Spirit alive in their environment. With all the struggles our children face today between social media, technology, instant gratification, and regular media, the peer pressure is exponential. This coupled with individual deep rooted, physical and emotional struggles, I thank God for people and places like Gateway Freedom Ranch. Amen!
Lynn R.

“Our child would not do anything we asked and every response from her was a “growl”. We had to lock things, hide things, and we still found her going through all of our “stuff”. The tension in our house was constant and it all seemed to be centered on her. I’m not sure exactly how we found Gateway Freedom Ranch but it has been what we all needed to put our lives back on firm ground. We know we have a lot of work ahead but it would not have happened without the help we found there. THANK YOU!! Our girl was acting like a bad houseguest. Would not help out or do anything that we asked. She seemed to enjoy being angry and doing everything she could to keep our home in chaos. It wasn’t until she started school at Gateway Freedom Ranch that we were able to catch our breath. What was shocking was that we had not realized just how bad things had become. THANK you to all the staff for helping our family get our lives back and to start repairing our relationship with our daughter.” C & N Olsen

“Lisa – I wanted to drop you a quick note of encouragement and to acknowledge the facility, staff and superior care for the girls in your program. It is apparent from the time you walk onto the campus that it is a special place with extra special people working there for the right reasons, to change lives. This comes from you as the leader. Well done on so many levels. I could not be more pleased that in this difficult time as a parent, that I can gain peace by knowing my daughter is in your care.” Andy

“It is nothing short of a miracle that we found this wonderful place to help our daughter through this difficult season of her life. Gateway Freedom Ranch manages to weave the ‘work’ — the chores, behavior modification, counseling, and schoolwork — with an abundance of nurture and fun. Our family is blown away by our daughter’s spiritual and emotional growth, and we now have a realistic hope that we can be a healthy family again.” Amy & Mike

“We are raising our 10 year old granddaughter. Her mother had been in and out of her life and in and out of prison. Our granddaughter had become angry, physically abusive and was totally irrespective to us. Our little girl was starting to get into trouble at school; she was on the road to out of control. We tried counselors and medication but nothing seemed to be helping. Through the grace of God we found Gateway Freedom Ranch. Right from the first phone call we had a connection. After sending her to Gateway, within the first few months, we saw a remarkable change in our granddaughter’s attitude and behavior. We feel Gateway saved our girl from a path of destruction to a new path of spiritual life in our Lord Jesus and now we truly believe our girl and our family has a bright future. Thank you Lisa and her staff.” J and B – Michigan

“Dear Miss Lisa, I wanted you to know how much I love and appreciate you. Through the power of Jesus, you saved my life. Thank you for helping me with my many problems. You taught me how to master them. I also wanted to thank you for helping me and my mom build a loving relationship together. You have always been there supporting me and cheering me on when things look impossible. You helped me make the impossible, possible. Thank you. When God blesses you he puts a person in your life and you are that person to me. You always have hope in me even when I don’t. I love you alot.” K.G. – Michigan

“I am very thankful that my parents sent me to Gateway Freedom Ranch. I would have never learned to deal with my problems. I also learned to make the right choice to lead others in the right direction. When I go home I will tell people about Jesus and help people to accept Christ as their personal Savior. I no longer have anxiety, anger, or depression and look forward to being a good leader to my little sisters and to my older one too!” M.K. – Colorado

“While here at Gateway I have learned a lot of things. I’ve learned how to handle my anger, what lying leads to and rebellion. Of all the things I have learned, I have learned about God. Before I came here I knew nothing about God and I am happy I know Him now. I have also learned about the Father heart of God and know now why I acted the way I did. With being in this program I feel a love now that I have never felt before for my mom, brother, dad and my whole family.” M.S. – New York

“When I first arrived at Gateway, I had so much anger inside me. I even looked dark and angry. Since then I have worked through alot of things and during my time there I learned that work for God is not a competition. Everything was a competition to me before. Now God is working through me to help other people. God has given me a brand new chance at life and broken off my chains from sin and darkness.” H.M. – New Hampshire

“Thank you seems too frail of a word to express my total appreciation for changing not only the trajectory of my daughters’ life, but mine as well. Accepting my family to Gateway Freedom Ranch, was life changing for me personally. I needed hope; I needed to believe again and consequently I was re-introduced to my loving heavenly Father in the embodiment of a little petite powerhouse named Lisa Marek.”
“In the year that my daughter was at GFR, Lisa became a spiritual ally to me as she cried over my situation, cried with me, prayed with me and guided my thinking in the direction of Love, hope, and confidence. Lisa, you have my love and utmost respect, for the counselors and the staff, and for their endless compassion, and dedication to all of the girls and their families.”

“While I have been at Gateway Freedom Ranch I have gotten over a lot of stuff. When I first came I hated my dad and was addicted to pornography. During my first few months I got saved and was getting educated during our daily devotions. By then I started getting over my issues with my dad and didn’t hate him anymore. God has done a huge work in my life and I have had a lot of healing. All the people in your life are there for a purpose, the good and the bad. They all teach you a lesson of some sort. Don’t take your family, friends, pets, summer, beaches or your freedom for granted. I hope my story impacts your life just as it has for me.”
L.M. – California

“My gratitude and heartfelt thanks to you and your staff for saving my granddaughter’s sanity and her life.”

“Before I came to Gateway Freedom Ranch I was closed in. I did not have good relationship or communication with my mom. I would not share my feelings. But now I have a really deep love for my mom. I am able to share my feelings and not run to other things.”

“First off I just wanted to tell you that I miss you and love you so much! Thank you for teaching me that my family is important and that there is a God up there that will love you and forgive you for whatever you do! Thank you for working with me and helping me understand the root of why I act the way I act. Thank you for telling me the truth even if I didn’t want to hear it. I love you….”

“I wanted to share with you how much we appreciate what you and your staff are doing at the Ranch. We had really given up hope on getting our daughter the right help. Endless counselors, therapists, physiologists, you name it – was not working for her. Our family and home was being torn apart, as is typical with a RAD child. I would lie awake at night wondering what would happen to this little girl. What future did she have if she didn’t receive the right help? It was a sad and hopeless situation.
When my wife first found the Ranch, I had some doubts. We had been down this path before and Montana is a long way from Florida. After talking to you, however, I began to quickly realize that you truly understood what RAD was, and your holistic approach and staff credentials offered a chance we had not seen before. Honestly, the fact that the Ranch is faith based was less a part of the decision making process – but have since learned it is the most important.
When we made the trip out in September, our daughter had been at the Ranch for almost a year. She honestly was unrecognizable! For the first time in the 5 years we had known her she was showing sincere warmth and love. The weekend was the most spiritual experience either me or my wife has ever had. What is happening there is truly amazing – giving hope where there was none, healing where there was so much pain. Unmistakably the hand of God rests on this small piece of mountain – I felt it like the warmth of the sun.
Lisa you are an amazing person and we thank you for all you and your staff do each day! God Bless.”
J.M. – Florida